Tigelle – Our brand

6 okt

Here at Tigelle we value a few things greatly. Two of them are quality and luxury. Not luxury for us, no no. Luxury for you, the customer. And we have tried our hardest to make that felt in our products. We have managed to infuse a feeling of luxury in all our products, and the quality can be felt by seeing it, feeling it, wearing it.


Whichever article of clothing you buy from us, you can be sure to be happy with your choice. Our bras, panties, and lingerie are of astounding quality and are sure to blow your mind. 


No matter how you decide to use our products, we guarantee your satisfaction. That is how sure we are of our brand, its quality, and its legacy. We want to be a brand that gives you lace, good lace, not the bad kind. The best kind of lace that is imported from the depths of the Amazonian jungles. We want to be knows as a company that cares about our customers, that is why we give you the best quality lace, lacey bras, and lacey panties. Quality is all in the lace.


Tigelle wants you to be happy with whatever you buy. That is because our products are of the best quality, and we care greatly about how they are recieved by our buyers. We want you to be pleased with anything you buy from us!


To take a look at what we have in stock, visit http://tigelle.com/